This is a question we at Estimating Solutions Group are continually being asked along with other questions such as; What do I need to do to win a job? How can someone be 20% cheaper than me? Are you sure your pricing is correct?

We have heard them all and it is all becoming very frustrating for both contractors throughout Australia and also us!

As the Managing Director of Estimating Solutions Group, I have a seen a lot of variety in the industries we support, which is currently the ElectricalCivil and Hydraulic sectors. We provide around 1,000 tenders a year to our ElectricalCivil and Hydraulic clients and it’s this exposure that leaves us to believe our outlook on the industries is somewhat accurate.

If you have recently come on board with Estimating Solutions, you would be a witness to the advice that we give our clients prior to accepting to work with them, below are some tips/questions that we discuss;

  • Where from and why have you been asked to tender on this project?
  • Do you have a relationship with the builder/client?
  • Do you know who your competition is on this project?
  • Do you know if you have the capabilities and resources to complete this project?

These are a few of the questions we ask our potential new clients. Sure it would be easy enough to not ask these questions and simply take our clients money, in fact, as a business owner, I would much prefer to do that, however, we have a duty of care to share of industry knowledge and advise our clients where possible to ensure they continue operating as a profitable business.

I won’t go into exactly where I believe the industries are at, simply because my opinion is subjective and an opinion only, however, where do you feel the construction is at the moment, is it still a race to the bottom?

We would be more than happy to discuss any of your questions relating to this post should you wish to know more.

Written by Dale Foster, ESG Managing Director