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Dale TG Foster

I consider myself a hardworking selfless, innovative individual who craves to make a change in our day to day world. I hate to sit idle and to do things the same way we always have. I would rather take risks and revolutionise something that I am passionate about as I have with ESG. I pride myself on the ability to think laterally and implement new ideas.

In my spare time, I like to relax by watching movies, heading to the beach and listening to music!

Claire Price
National Client Services Manager

For most people, National Client Services Manager doesn’t sound very exciting. For me it is an amazing opportunity to be at the forefront of client interface during the rapid growth and expansion of ESG. I plan to draw from my 17 years of construction project experience to seamlessly nurture relationships with our clients across all disciplines. I guess you could say I’m living the dream 9-5.

At home I am the proud mum of 2, a self-confessed chocoholic and without any say in the matter, an Arsenal FC supporter.

Kezia Rowe
People and Culture Manager

With over 10 years' of Human Resources experience, I have had the pleasure to lead and execute improvement initiatives in all areas of Human Resources such as leadership coaching, strategy and organisational design, talent and performance management and recruitment. So basically, I like to fix things!

I truly believe there is great value in building strong relationships within all levels of the business, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued. A self-proclaimed extravert, I am always up for a chat and a laugh or to lend an ear when required. I am not very good at relaxing and don’t ever really stop, so in my spare time, you will find me socialising with my friends and family.  

Amalia Uribe Guzman
Marketing Analyst

I am a passionate communicator inspired by thinking out of the box and creating changes that go in hand with how the world is moving on a daily basis. I am extremely active, always in the mood to create new things and acquire new skills.

With ESG, I bring all my creativity to show everyone out there how we can make their life easier through our services.

In my spare time I enjoy pretty much every water sport: kitesurfing, freediving, surfing, diving and also some triathlon sports along with rock climbing. Nothing makes me happier than sharing time with my people,travelling, hugging my cat and reading.


Wayne Keep
Business Development Manager

I am privileged  as a Business Development Manager to connect our hard working teams services to assist our customers in growing their business. I have been working in and around the civil and construction areas in Perth for the past 27 years. I have always had a strong drive to work with customers to achieve great outcomes. I like to take the time to understand what makes things tick, which in turn helps to deliver more targeted outcomes. In my spare time, I like to go to the beach and to travel. I try never to miss a F1 race (go the Honeybadger).

Bhavik Ladhani
Civil Estimator

I have a strong background in Project Management and Cost / Quantity Estimation within the construction industry, and have decided to explore the realm of Cost / Quantity Estimation to a deeper extent.

My experience includes working on projects such as single and double storey residences, multi-unit developments, commercial fit outs and commercial warehouse construction with a majority of them being turn-key projects. This experience has enabled me to deliver to the expectations of various clients both current and future at ESG.

Along with number crunching, I enjoy playing volleyball at a social level weekly for a community club and occasionally travel as and when time permits. This keeps me motivated and fit both mentally and physically thus allowing me to deliver efficiently as and when required.

Kevin Stephen
Electrical Estimator

I started my Electrical Apprenticeship in 1984 and have over 30 years in the Electrical Field. I have been an Electrical Estimator for 11 years now, having a wide range of experience in Commercial (Shopping Centres, Schools, Hospitals and Apartments) and Industrial Projects. I am a hard worker, I always do my best for my client and strive for the best result possible.

I enjoy dining out, going to concerts, movies, and sporting events as well as travelling.

Jean Etiennette
Electrical Estimator

Working in the construction industry now for a very long time, I qualify my job as very interesting and challenging. Facing the modernisation and innovations of everyday life, I set my objectives higher and higher to achieve all my goals. With great motivations, inspirations and expectations, there is always great achievements.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing music and watching movies.

Jibson Johny
Electrical Estimator

Being a person of few words, I believe that ''Things don't happen by chance and when you are true to who you are, good things happen". Being humane, respectful and honest to myself and others is of utmost importance to me, be it personal or professional life. I believe that one has to be a living example of what one preaches no matter how successful or difficult life is.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing soccer.

Richard Mehrtens
Electrical Estimator

Having worked in the electrical industry for over 20 years, I am now one of the electrical estimators here at ESG.  One of the highlights of this role is hearing from our clients once they have been successful with the tenders we have assisted them with.  

I’m a self-motivated, enthusiastic, determined and hard-working person who strives to the highest standards at all times and pride myself in a high attention to detail whilst working efficiently to meet deadlines

When I am not estimating I enjoy reading, traveling, going to the beach and spending time with my family.

Majh G Igama
Virtual Assistance

"Competitive, a risk-taker and always on the go" - a few words to define me. Each day I aim to be productive and hit all of the deadlines that are given to me. Constantly upgrading my skills is also important to me and aiming to be better than yesterday is my path to success.

I love eating food and surfing the internet.

Kannan Rajendiran
Director MDC Division

I am an accomplished, proactive engineer with over 21 years’ experience in the design, implementation and project coordination of electrical services to various residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure developments in Australia and Singapore. My involvement includes project design management, feasibility studies, conceptual, engineering and detailed designs, design coordination and design management.

What I most enjoy about my job is working with like-minded people on various development projects makes it exciting. I love engineering challenges on projects. I am a caring, approachable, helpful individual and enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

Dexter Pinto
Senior Mechanical Engineer - MDC Division

I am a mechanical engineer with over 23 years’ experience in the field of mechanical services with particular expertise in HVAC systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. My responsibilities within the business include design and construction services involving feasibility study, design and documentation, contract administration and construction supervision and certification. 

What I enjoy the most about my job is the attention to detail. I consider myself charitable, diligent, caring and helpful and in my free time I enjoy watching sports on TV. 

Calvin Lim
Senior Electrical Engineer- MDC Division

Having worked in a vast range of high profile projects both in Australia and Malaysia for more than the past 25 years, I pride myself in having the experience and knowledge in design documentation, project and contract management in both the building services consulting and contracting industry. This has given me the opportunity to understand and cater to the needs of clients, authorities, contractors, suppliers, internal stakeholders and all others involved in the project.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family/friends, travelling and playing badminton.

Adrian Collinge
Senior Hydraulic and Fire Protection Engineer - MDC Division

I have over thirty years’ design experience in a range of multi-storey residential and commercial developments, hotels and resorts, hospitals and healthcare centres, shopping centres, laboratories, schools and colleges, tenancies, restaurants, petrol stations, liquor stores, mining and camps, BMW developments, housing, agricultural and wineries.

I strive to provide clients with the best outcome for their projects including the need to think outside of the box.

In my spare time, I enjoy going surfing, walking along the beach and meeting up with friends.

Zac Jarrett
Senior Hydraulic Engineer - MDC Division

I specialize in drafting and design of Building Services. AutoCAD Proficient. 14 years’ experience in Hydraulic and Structural Design. I have the ability to communicate clearly with a mindset that nothing is too hard.

I like working towards common goals for our clients and business, learning new elements to design every day and meeting those impossible deadlines on time and within budget. I consider myself approachable, understanding, competitive. Always looking for new activities. I especially enjoy cricket with the SHDCC, surfing at the beach with family., BBQs, Beers and Mates.

Younus Khan
Electrical Engineer - MDC Divison

Starting my career in New Zealand in the Electrical Engineering industry for over 10 years, I am now one of the Electrical Engineers at MDC Global. I have had a wide range of exposure in this field working on Substations, Traffic systems, to building services.  I work hard to meet our client expectations and assist them with every solution we provide.

I am an enthusiastic, hardworking, and responsible individual who works hard to meet the deadlines.

Being a state-level champion, I enjoy playing Table Tennis during weekends. I also enjoy dining out and spending time with family and friends.

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Steven Costa
Electrical Design Draftsperson - MDC Division

I am an experienced, dedicated and hard-working electrical designer-drafter with more than 25 years experience.

Electrical design is my main line of work but I have also worked on projects involving hydraulics and security for residential, commercial and mining.

I am always seeking a challenge in my work, to learn new skills and take my career to the next level. Very excited about the future with MDC Global and the diversity of future electrical projects.

Outside of work, I like catching up with family and friends, dining out, going to the gym, snowboarding and travel.

Mitch Reynolds
Electrical Designer - MDC Division

I am draftsman for MDC and have learnt the use of CAD through school and knowledge from the team here at MDC. We have a really good team here and great leadership which makes the environment enjoyable to come to work and work with people you know have got your back. I am an easy-going person who enjoys a good laugh, I enjoy my sports and my video games secretly a nerd at heart.

Keanu Breen
Electrical Engineer- MDC Division

 I am an energetic and passionate Electrical Engineer with a strong focus on self-development and improvement. I’m always looking for new opportunities to challenge myself and try new things. We live in an ever-changing world and I believe being dynamic and adaptable is the key to success. I have experience from small scale electronic start-ups to Multi-Million Dollar Civil projects, and each experience has posed an opportunity for creativity and innovation.

Here at MDC no two days are the same, and seeing our collective efforts grow to fruition on our array of different projects is what gets me out of bed in the morning and draws me to this industry.

As a very outdoorsy kind of guy, so in my free time, you might catch me going on spirited drives, skateboarding, hitting the beach, travelling, and spending time with friends.

James Dwight
Mechanical Drafter - MDC Division

As a draftsman, the end result of my work looks like a neatly put together set of blueprints, and clear to the point of appearing simple. But the work behind it is much more complex; coordinating building services, clash detection, meeting architects and engineers to make the systems fit in a shared space but more importantly to make them work. 

A huge part of why I do what I do is that it coincides with my love of puzzle-solving and the sense of making measurable progress through each project. I take pride in my ability to approach everything in life with patience, empathy, and perseverance. I will never lack the humility to know when to ask for help, and I will never dismiss another asking for mine.

Beyond who I am at work, I love dogs, the cinema (even the popcorn), video games, board games, chess (when I can find someone to play), cycling, and aimlessly throwing myself into the ocean during summer.

Francesco Di Giglio
Director - FDG Division

I’m a BIM manager, and I’ve been involved with BIM (Building Information Modelling) since its introduction to the Western Australian Market in 2010.

I’m originally from Switzerland , but I’ve been calling Perth home since 2001. I love Australia and I try to spend as much time as I can outdoor, either taking my family to the beach or to the many beautiful parks in WA

The part that I like the most about my job is the resolution of the problems. Working in the BIM environment gives us the opportunity to resolve coordination issues in the 3D models before we go to construction.

Carlos Pico
BIM Modeller- FDG Division

As a draftsperson, I must understand and interpret the design Engineers want on the paper. In order to develop my job successfully, I have to use different CAD tools like AutoCAD, Revit or Solidworks. I have a better perception of reality through images and this job is the visual base, which is what I like the most.     

 I am a very collaborative person who loves to keep learning and improving his skills. During my free time I like to read, watch movies, walk or travel with my wife. I also like to work out and go to the beach to see the ocean.