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Kathryn Harrison
Director of Operations

I would describe myself as a positive and enthusiastic person, I always like to see the best in every situation and maintain an optimistic outlook. I'm driven by success and have a true passion for delivering exceptional service. Collaboration and team work is paramount to me, I want to feel valued in my role and want to pass that on to everyone I work with. ESG gives me the opportunity to utilise my extensive leadership skills to develop an exciting business through to the next stage of growth.

My passions outside of work are around friends, family and my two gorgeous dogs. I love cooking and can often be caught drinking a nice glass of Shiraz whilst creating a recipe.

Dale TG Foster

I consider myself a hardworking selfless, innovative individual who craves to make a change in our day to day world. I hate to sit idle and to do things the same way we always have. I would rather take risks and revolutionise something that I am passionate about as I have with ESG. I pride myself on the ability to think laterally and implement new ideas.

In my spare time, I like to relax by watching movies, heading to the beach and listening to music!

Majh G Igama
Virtual Assitance

"Competitive, a risk-taker and always on the go" - a few words to define me. Each day I aim to be productive and hit all of the deadlines that are given to me. Constantly upgrading my skills is also important to me and aiming to be better than yesterday is my path to success.

I love eating food and surfing the internet.

Ross Francesca

As a qualified bookkeeper (Cert. IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping) I have worked in the industry for over 15 years. I take pride in performing my job to the highest level possible with great attention to detail. I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I feel like I have contributed to the sustained professional and financial success of the company I work for.

I love spending my spare time with my family and friends, dining out, playing golf and following my two favourite sporting teams - the Perth Wildcats and West Coast Eagles.

Caylee Wallis
Marketing Assistant

Nearing the end of my Commerce degree, I am excited to use my experience in Marketing to connect with customers and future clientele of ESG. I regard myself as a happy, optimistic individual and love being creative.

When I'm not working or at uni, I am playing touch footy or netball and spending time with family, friends, and my dog!

Kevin Stephen
Electrical Estimator

I started my Electrical Apprenticeship in 1984 and have over 30 years in the Electrical Field. I have been an Electrical Estimator for 11 years now, having a wide range of experience in Commercial (Shopping Centres, Schools, Hospitals and Apartments) and Industrial Projects. I am a hard worker, I always do my best for my client and strive for the best result possible.

I enjoy dining out, going to concerts, movies, and sporting events as well as travelling.

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Jean Etiennette
Electrical Estimator

Working in the construction industry now for a very long time, I qualify my job as very interesting and challenging. Facing the modernisation and innovations of everyday life, I set my objectives higher and higher to achieve all my goals. With great motivations, inspirations and expectations, there is always great achievements.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing music and watching movies.

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Jibson Johny
Electrical Estimator

Being a person of few words, I believe that ''Things don't happen by chance and when you are true to who you are, good things happen". Being humane, respectful and honest to myself and others is of utmost importance to me, be it personal or professional life. I believe that one has to be a living example of what one preaches no matter how successful or difficult life is.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing soccer.

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John Hannaway
Electrical Estimator

I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years now and have witnessed many changes and advances - in fact I was around when we sent our tenders by fax! I have always been quick on the uptake to adapt to new technology and methods whether in the office or building site. One area that pleases me is the advances in health and safety on building sites.

In my spare time I enjoy lawn bowls, motorcycle riding, walking and cycling.

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Thibault Guillemard
Civil Manager

As a qualified Engineer (Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Master of Engineering Management) with 10 years of construction experience, I have been involved in all aspects of project work from design to handover stages. Passionate about the cost and project control aspects of the industry I strive to consider how a project can practically be completed accounting for site conditions, optimised scheduling and industry innovations to guarantee competitive and reliable estimates.

As a true French man, I enjoy gatherings with family and friends while sharing a good Pinot noir and smelly cheese.

Alex Brooks
Trainee Civil Estimator

I'm an adventurous and fun loving person. I have been studying civil engineering at university and am excited to transition and apply what I have learned to my role as a civil estimator.

I enjoy the little things in life such as the company of friends and family or a cold bottle of beer.

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Aaron Crook
Hydraulic Estimator

As a qualified Plumber, I have been in the industry for over 15 years. Through this time, I have seen the industry continue to change to what it is today. I pride myself on working hard and continual learning to suit the market and enjoy dwelling in the finer details, strategizing and planning methodically on all projects that I undertake. I have broad experience in all aspects of the plumbing industry.

As a true Australian I enjoy playing and watching cricket, AFL, enjoying and exploring this great big land of ours.

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