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Dale TG Foster
Managing Director

I consider myself a hardworking selfless, innovative individual who craves to make a change in our day to day world. I hate to sit idle and to do things the same way we always have. I would rather take risks and revolutionise something that I am passionate about as I have with ESG. I pride myself on the ability to think laterally and implement new ideas.

In my spare time, I like to relax by watching movies, heading to the beach and listening to music!

Kezia Rowe
People and Culture Manager

With over 10 years' of Human Resources experience, I have had the pleasure to lead and execute improvement initiatives in all areas of Human Resources such as leadership coaching, strategy and organisational design, talent and performance management and recruitment. So basically, I like to fix things!

I truly believe there is great value in building strong relationships within all levels of the business, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued. A self-proclaimed extravert, I am always up for a chat and a laugh or to lend an ear when required. I am not very good at relaxing and don’t ever really stop, so in my spare time, you will find me socialising with my friends and family.  

Kannan Rajendiran
Sales and Marketing Director

I am an accomplished engineer with over 21 years of experience in the design, implementation and project coordination of electrical services. I have worked on various residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure developments in Australia and Singapore. My involvement in past projects includes project design management, feasibility studies, conceptual, engineering and detailed designs, design coordination and design management. Recently, I transitioned into the role of the Sales and Marketing Director, ensuring that our clients receive the most value from our holistic range of services.

What I most enjoy about my job is working with like-minded people on various development projects makes it exciting. I love engineering challenges on projects. I am a caring, approachable, helpful individual and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Mike Pentz
Business Development Manager

I have over 8 years experience in supplying value to customers and building relationships within my relevant market in both South Africa and Australia.

I started my sales career in retail and have worked my way up the ranks through hard work and dedication to ensuring the best customer experiences every time.

I'm a very open and honest person and in my spare time I enjoy video games, I am an avid sports fanatic and an adrenaline junkie.

Daniela Melo
Business Development Manager

I have a diverse history in hospitality, events and, most recently, working with a lighting wholesaler. I have worked internationally, including in the USA and Australia.

I absolutely love the progression of bringing a client on board. When they know nothing about our services, are enticed by what we have on offer, gives us a chance and prove to meet the expected results and go above and beyond in customer service, resulting in a long-standing-fruitful relationship.

In my spare time, I like being outside: I love hiking and cycling. I love design & architecture, and I'm also an avid reader, though lately they have been mostly audiobooks and podcasts, and I usually stick to non-fiction.

Shawn D'Cruz
Decobu General Manager - NSW

I have over 25 years experience in the Australian construction industry.

My initial role was as an estimator and project administrator for a commercial electrical contractor before commencing my career as a building services consultant in 2001 for PGD Consulting Services.

I have an immense love for my work as a building services consultant and find reward in assisting clients, colleagues and friends to achieve their goals.

Branson Cawthorne
Business Development Manager

I come from a background in estimating and business development for head contractors, where I have built a network that I am looking forward to sharing and growing with Decobu.

Born and raised in Perth, I love all things sport, and I spend most of my spare time at the beach. I love running and pushing the limits, and I also have a passion for writing non-fiction.

Kevin Stephen
Lead Electrical Estimator

I started my Electrical Apprenticeship in 1984 and have over 30 years in the Electrical Field. I have been an Electrical Estimator for over 14 years now, having a wide range of experience in Commercial (Shopping Centres, Schools, Hospitals and Apartments) and Industrial Projects. I am a hard worker, I always do my best for my client and strive for the best result possible.

I enjoy dining out, going to concerts, movies, and sporting events as well as travelling.

Chris Tozer
Electrical Estimator

During my 20+ years in the electrical industry, I have accumulated a wide range of skills in various sectors. I have provided assistance in medical, commercial, mining and government projects, from inception to completion.

I am a passionate, hard-working, positive individual that thrives in a team-oriented and challenging arena.

In my spare time I like to cook and spend time with my family. I love music of all genres. Learning Spanish and studying cryptocurrency are my most recent interests.

Lawrie Cutting
Building and Construction Estimator

Lawrie has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry in the UK and Australia.

Lawrie started as an office junior for a large company of architects and surveyors in Oxford and has worked as a quantity surveyor and estimator across England and Perth, and studied a diploma along the way as well.

Darren Arnold
Building and Construction Estimator

I have been in the Australian construction industry on and off for about 30 years. My initial role was working for a family construction business, then picking up trade by trade through the industry and tying it all together to become a manager, building estimator, and authoring estimating systems.

In my spare time, I love to travel and do charity work in the villages throughout Asia, the languages which I speak, are probably worse than I think.

Stuart Wegner
Hydraulic Estimator

With over 12 years of diverse background in the plumbing trade, I have specialized in commercial, residential, regional and mining developments. Having an understanding of the practical side of the works allows me to deliver an accurate estimate.

With ESG, I look at keeping my passion for the plumbing trade, but from a different side.

I am a fun-loving person, who enjoys time with my family and a little one. Can’t say no to a round of golf either.

Justin Caballa
Hydraulic Estimator

I have over 4 years of combined experience in the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand Construction industries. My initial role in the Philippines was as a Project Engineer and a QA/QC Engineer for a Plumbing and Mechanical Contractor before commencing my career as a Freelance Estimator and CAD Drafter for Mechanical and Hydraulics in Australia and New Zealand.

Since I am very fond of the Construction Industry, I find it very rewarding and fulfilling when I finish projects for my clients while helping my colleagues achieve our shared goals.

Majh G Igama
Virtual Assistance

"Competitive, a risk-taker and always on the go" - a few words to define me.

Each day I aim to be productive and hit all of the deadlines that are given to me. Constantly upgrading my skills is also important to me and aiming to be better than yesterday is my path to success.

I love eating food and surfing the internet.

Adrian Collinge
Senior Hydraulic and Fire Protection Engineer

I have over thirty years’ design experience in a range of multi-storey residential and commercial developments, hotels and resorts, hospitals and healthcare centres, shopping centres, laboratories, schools and colleges, tenancies, restaurants, petrol stations, liquor stores, mining and camps, BMW developments, housing, agricultural and wineries. I strive to provide clients with the best outcome for their projects including the need to think outside of the box.

In my spare time, I enjoy going surfing, walking along the beach and meeting up with friends.

Sherman Wong
Hydraulic Engineer

Having been in the role of a hydraulic services engineer for over 6 years, I have had experience with projects across multiple sectors of the construction industry. Buildings come in all shapes and sizes and I enjoy the design challenges that come with the uniqueness of each project.

For leisure, I try to hit the beach in my 4x4 to do some fishing with mates or just to relax and enjoy a seaside bbq with my wife.

Datta Tumma
Hydraulic Engineer

Datta has over two years of design/drafting experience in a range of Commercial, Multi-storey residential, High-rise buildings, Mixed-use Developments, Hotels, Pavilions, Townhouses, Warehouses, Restaurants, and Fuel stations.

He has experience in hydraulic and fire engineering with applications in drafting, design, documentation, specification, and lodging applications for projects across the market sectors.

Daniel Allison
Electrical Engineer

I am an experienced Electrical Engineer, exposed to various standards and codes applicable to building services design for residential, medical, retail, and education projects. My main strengths are client and stakeholder management and accountability. I have a reputation for excellent communication skills and a history of delivering complex projects successfully to clients.

I love to play sport with friends, watching horror and comedy movies, dining out, and keeping up at the gym.

Swapnali Adhav
Electrical Engineer

Swapnali has over 12 years of experience working with projects associated with various packages across a portfolio of hotels, service apartments, malls, exhibition centres, and townships, including infrastructure services.

She has a broad experience base in Electrical & ELV with application in consulting, design, documentation, specification, and construction quality control for projects & site supervision across the major market sectors.

Fasiulla Mohammed
Associate Director - Design

I am a mechanical engineer by profession with 18+ years of experience in Building Services, Design & Construction, project management, people management, business management, business development and diversification. Deconstructing complex engineering solutions into a common language that speaks and addresses clients concerns around program, budget, productivity, innovation and sustainability has been my expertise. Work experience includes projects from small residential villas to multi-storey apartments, aged care facilities, commercial developments, retail shopping centres, industrial and mission-critical data centres.

Apart from work, I love my time with family, travelling, long drives, playing Golf and Squash.

Sumair Mohammed
Mechanical Engineer

I have over 18 years of experience both internationally and in Australia. I am a confident and passionate engineer with a good balance of technical, design and supervision/operational skills.

I also understand that compliance and safety are critical for good mechanical engineering practice. I have abilities to problem-solve and collaborate with others as a team member to obtain a solution.

In my spare time, I enjoy soccer, badminton and spending time with my family.

Kameel Ismail
Mechanical Engineer

II was born and raised in Perth but my parents originally emigrated from South Africa. I am the oldest of 5 boys and we were all fortunate to grow up travelling the world while we were young. As a result, I have the travel bug and would take any opportunity to travel when I can.

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and Finance and have a passion for sustainability. I am also a breakdancer and love learning new languages, currently learning Japanese.

Francesco Di Giglio
BIM Manager

I’m a BIM manager, and I’ve been involved with BIM (Building Information Modelling) since its introduction to the Western Australian Market in 2010. The part that I like the most about my job is the resolution of the problems. Working in the BIM environment gives us the opportunity to resolve coordination issues in the 3D models before we go to construction.

I’m originally from Switzerland but I’ve been calling Perth home since 2001. I love Australia and I try to spend as much time as I can outdoor, either taking my family to the beach or to the many beautiful parks in WA.


James Dwight
BIM Modeller

With over ten years of experience, my foundation is in mechanical shop drawings and building services coordination, including shopping centres, restaurants, airports, apartments, hotels, and hospitals. Over time, I have expanded into BIM coordination and all building services design. I pride myself on being thorough and precise with clear drawings and cost-effective designs.

Beyond who I am at work, I love dogs, the cinema (even the popcorn), video games, board games, chess (when I can find someone to play), cycling, and aimlessly throwing myself into the ocean during summer.

Mariely Garcia
Office Assistant

I am an experienced Administrative Assistant skilled in a wide range of office administration duties.

I worked well in high-pressure situations with minimal supervision. I have an eye for detail, am hardworking on every task and am goal-oriented.

When off to work, I spend my time watching films and series, chilling around with my family and, if there's an opportunity, I go travelling to see beautiful nature and culture.