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Electrical Estimating Solutions provides timely and complete assistance to construction contractors both small and large throughout Australia. We provide a niche market service within the electrical industry, offering accurate & profitable tender submissions that are fast and reliable.

The flexibility of our terms mean that companies can use our services on a project basis to suit them, eliminating; overhead staffing costs, long term commitments & lock in contracts. Additionally, we offer services such as Project Management, Drafting and EngineeringAll of our solutions are bespoke, tailored to the individual needs of our clients & their briefs.

With over 40 years combined experience and countless completed projects, rest assured we have the knowledge, skills & experience that allow us to work successfully as an extension of your organisation.

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– Residential Electrical Estimating
– Commercial Electrical Estimating
– Mining Electrical Estimating
– Industrial Estimating
– Project Management
– Electrical Engineering
– Drafting

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Why Choose Us?


Offering niche market services within the electrical industry.


Terms to suit you and your business, no long term commitments or lock in contracts.


Working together, to build a mutually rewarding relationship with longevity.

Industry Experts

We have helped small and large sized contractors solve some of their biggest challenges when it comes to electrical estimating.


I tried Electrical Estimating Solutions for the first time a couple of weeks ago, they have since priced up a couple of jobs for my company. The manner in which EES go about their business is of high standards. The whole process involved with this including communicating with the client, the layout of the pricing is most professional. I will definitely be using their services again in the near future. Thanks EES.<br> Jon – Every Service Electrical PTY LTD.

Jon Vandermerwe – Every Service Electrical Managing Director

We have been working with Electrical Estimating Solutions for quite some time now, So far they have successfully tendered projects such as smaller units developments up to large industrial warehouses and pumping stations. I have found their services to be a cost effective way to quote and win projects.

James Fraser – Melbourne Managing Director



As a business we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible. This means that the relationships we have with our clients are of paramount importance and are undoubtedly our biggest priority. We believe that working closely and harmoniously, results in mutually rewarding relationships with longevity. This is facilitated by our communication, understanding, and a genuine passion for the industry, that allows us to work successfully as an extension of your company.

Strategic Approach

Here at Electrical Estimating Solutions Australia, we adapt our service to your organisational needs. Small or large scale, our understanding of the electrical sector, combined with a personalised strategic approach helps take away the stress of tendering and other associated negatives. This in turn helps improve outcomes for our client’s human resources, productivity & profitability.


Failure to properly secure and protect confidential business information means it can end up in the wrong hands, misused to commit illegal activity. We believe in protecting the privacy of customers and maintaining a trustful relationship. This is why all work undertaken is strictly private and confidential. Our staff are fully trained to handle sensitive information, and our organisational culture is such that we practice by the highest ethical codes and moral standing.

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More About Electrical Estimation

Who Are We?What Services Do We Provide?Why Choose Electrical Estimating Solutions?

We are an innovative company that provides timely solutions to some of the most critical problems that several electrical contractors face while fulfilling their contractual obligations or while seeking guidance for work opportunities.You may be a small-scale or large-scale electrical contractor who needs some help with dispatching competitive tenders or some assistance while researching about new sectors and potential areas to tap into, or you might just be looking for a replacement for your absentee staff. We have got it all covered! We can provide you with knowledgeable, high-performing labour as per your requirements and even advice for some of your most crucial decisions. But that is not all. In addition to all this, we specialize in electrical estimating in the Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne area. We can help any electrical contractor estimating electrical costs to do so accurately.Our clients are our top priority and so is our relationship with them. Hence, we want them to gain as much benefits as possible from this relationship, which is why we offer services that facilitate our clients as much as possible without putting any unnecessary burden upon them. If you feel uneasy about making long-term commitments with our company and are sceptical about whether you would be able to follow through with a commitment for, or might even need, long-term assistance, in the first place, then don’t worry.The service packages we offer are quite flexible so you still get to have control over your work and obligations. Moreover, we even have packages like the Tendering package that is specially designed for businesses that have just started out and need assistance. Now start-ups don’t have to worry about taking any risks or diving into the deep waters on their own. They have Electrical Estimating Solutions to guide them through the process.Electrical Estimating Solutions can work as an addition to your personal on-the-spot team. From our own work space, we perform the roles and functions you desire and demand. This way we get the job done on time without any additional strain on your precious resources or peace of mind.Furthermore, we keep the quality of our services in check so that our customers do not have to face disappointments of any sort. We believe in protecting the privacy of customers and maintaining a trustful relationship with them, which is why we train our staff to take some extra care when providing our facilities to all our valuable customers.We provide a pleasing and enjoyable working environment where our clients and staff can work together with utmost comfort. We encourage an open communication between our clients and our team. This prevents any miscommunicationor problems. It helps you, our customers, benefit from our services to the maximum level and achieve the best results possible have to offer. Electrical Estimating Solutions is a company that has been built on theprinciples of integrity and an impeccable work ethic.At our company we encourage our employees to work hard and constantly strive for growth and development. We provide them opportunities to gain experience so that they can in turn provide our customers excellent services.
Our work environment exudes positive vibes and provides motivation to our clients to achieve their goals because at the end of the day, it’s the clients that matter to us the most.

Since we are well aware of the challenges that are faced by electrical contractors or anyone looking for guidance in the electrical industry, we have conducted all the necessary research and preparations to provide a wide range of services to cover your most urgent problems. Here is a list of the incredible services we have to offer:
1. Electrical Estimating:
Cost-Estimating Services:
Whether you are an electrician, electrical contractor or simply an engineer seeking to determine the quantity and the cost of electricity needed for a specific process or operations at a specific location, we are the electrical estimators you are looking for! We offer the most accurate and detailed estimates that are organized keeping in mind your resources and ease.We can also help you in estimating electrical work required for any of your projects. So whether you are new business or large scale business looking for an electrical estimating service, we’ve got you covered!
Setting up an Electrical Estimating System:
Alternatively, if you want to grow your business and would like to develop and install a system for electrical estimating yourself then we can help you set up a system that is tailored to your needs. Electrical Estimating Solutions can provide you a selection of programs, procedures and information that can equip you with the tools necessary to make accurate bids. These include spreadsheets, software, multi-user support, project management tools and anything else you might need to send precise tenders to your clients in the fastest time possible.
2. Project Management:
If your business has taken up an electrical estimating project, then as an electrical estimator company, Electrical Estimating Solutions can also help you manage it. With our incomparable expertise, we can provide you with excellent project management tools that can help you break down your bids into different aspects and then export them to different applications. Additionally, Electrical Estimating Solution can aid you in the management process as well, imparting the knowledge we have gained over the years from working in the electrical industry as an electrical estimating service.
3. Drafting:
Electrical Estimating Solutions offers its valuable advice on drafting and design for a wide variety of projects. Whether you have been in the construction business for a long time or you are new to the trade, you can contact us and we will surely guide you to the best of our abilities through the electrical work processes. Construction of Simple homes, luxury residencies, shopping complexes; we can cater to all of these projects without any glitches or mishaps in the process. Even if you seek to extend or renovate your current space, you can contact us. We are just one call away from offering you the relevant expertise.
Our team is well-experienced and our drafting services are especially headed by a senior professional who has specialized in this field. This professional specifically has first-hand experience regarding drafting in Perth and has supervised construction projects for renowned builders in the past as well. The incomparable experience of this professional is what makes our services unique and better than those of our competitors. So if you are in search for drafting services you can be sure that we have the best facilities and team available for the job.
4. Electrical Engineering Services:
Being an electrical estimator company, Electrical Estimating Solutions has the best engineering team at its disposal. Our electrical engineering team can provide you with assistance for your projects regarding any electrical work-related queries or challenges. Our team is very responsive, is capable of effective communication and has a very strong work ethic that all of our clients highly appreciate and demand. So contact our engineering team now if you have a special project in need of some extra care and consideration.
5. Hiring Labour:
If your own staff never seems to be available in time of need, if there is a high rate of absenteeism in your company, if you do not have the desired number of employees or if your staff simply does not have the relevant qualifications, then you can reach us straight away for all your human resource problems. If you want hire men for your project in the Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne area, you just need to contact Electrical Estimating Solutions and our industry consultants will handle the rest.
They will develop a hiring plan, will design hiring strategies, will market your labour requirements and will even carry out the recruitment process on your behalf. We take extra time to understand your recruitment requirements and then provide customized services that you’re your short and long-term projects.
From the process of selecting the perfect candidates to even the appointment procedure, Electrical Estimating Solutions will perform all the necessary roles and functions for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Moreover, even while performing these functions we allow you to have control over the recruitment processes so that your desires and demands are incorporated into the process at each stage.
This service will prove to be especially beneficial to those businesses or clients that are facing limitations or do not have enough resources to carry out the hiring process. Whether you are looking to hire casual or contract labour, or labour for a short-term project or a long-term one, Electrical Estimating Solutions can assist you in finding qualified professionals and labour. We can even provide labour with flexible contracts and believe in selecting labour only according to merit. Hence, our services help speed up your recruitment process and supply the best labour available as per your company requirements.

Electrical Estimating Solutions has its own niche market of customers that trust in its services, particularly its electrical estimating services in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and  Melbourne. We provide an unparalleled and wide range of services from electrical cost estimating to hiring labour for your projects.
1. Valuable Experience:
Our specialized team and staff has more than forty years of valuable experience in the field of electrical estimating and in the electrical industry. The experience of our employees makes our staff irreplaceable and our services incomparable. Moreover, this experience is reflected in our dealings with our clients. We make them our first priority and carefully handle their projects with extensive research, refined skills and acquired efficiency.It is because of these characteristics that our team and staff is highly in demand and provides the best services and consultancy available in the market.
2. Flexibility:
The services our company provides are quite flexible. We offer customized packages, plans and strategies. Whether you want to hire short term or long term labour, full time or part time labour, casual or contract labour, we ensure that you are not rigidly bound by our services. Control over your contracts and business operations might be important to you and what is important to our clients is important for us.Hence, we empathize with our clients and make sure that our services show consideration for their sentiments and can be adjusted to fit their requirements, desires and resources.
3. Wide range of services:
The facilities we offer cover every aspect of electrical work or challenges a business might face. We offer everything from cost estimating to project managements to hiring specialized labour, all because we understand the intricacies of electrical work and the electrical industry. We understand the processes and problems that might prove to be a hindrance for many inexperienced, and even experienced, businesses. Electrical Estimating Solutions wants its clients to come to them with their problems and leave without having to worry about any aspect of the problem. Our services are designed to cover it all and provide timely and effective solutions to all your electrical work troubles.
Therefore, if your business has hit a road block and is in dire need of some consultancy on electrical work, electrical cost estimating or even relevant labour recruitment then you don’t need to worry a bit. Put all your anxieties away and contact Electrical Estimating Solutions. With its experienced staff, flexible services, ideal work environment, great work ethic and wide range of services, Electrical Estimating Solutions is the one stop for all your electrical needs. It is the best in the business and our clients stand witness to our integrity and professionalism. Time and again they choose our business as their first choice and encourage us to grow and provide better services for their comfort and ease.

With over 40 years combined industry experience we are here to help. Contact Us