Feel like you’re always on the back foot when it comes to submitting tenders? Not sure if you’re submitting the correct pricing?

As the proven partner of over 1000 clients across Australia and New Zealand, we understand what it takes to put together award-winning estimates for companies within the electrical, civil and hydraulic industries.

We are now officially in the season of goodwill and so we wanted to share with you our top tips for composing and servicing successful tenders, take a read below:

  1. Build and maintain a good relationship with the builder: having a good relationship with the builder means they understand your business, track record, capabilities and may personally invite you to tender on their projects. They are more likely to favour you over a contractor they know nothing about. Ask for feedback, call regularly and understand your competition.
  2. Understand your true costs: are you taking into account the expenses and overheads of your business when you calculate your rates? This is a particularly important component to ensure you’re making a profit if you win the job.
  3. Bring the best out of your suppliers: having a good relationship with your suppliers could give you access to potential discounts, increased market knowledge, speedy lead times, tips and leads. Your suppliers are your best friends!
  4. Choose your tenders wisely: you don’t want to put all your time and resources into preparing and submitting a tender for a project that you can’t deliver or is out of your capabilities. Do your research on whether or not taking on this project is viable for your business and if you have a decent chance of picking it up.
  5. Capabilities and resources: make sure you have the team, capability and experience to submit and service the tender when successful.

By following these tips, your business will be assembling award-winning tenders before you know it!

If you ever find yourself short on time, without the in-house capabilities, or want the experience of a team that submits over a thousand tenders per year, don’t hesitate to get in touch.