If you’re looking for any reason as to why you should use ESG, look no further. Here’s five reasons why you should use ESG’s services!


ESG is an outsourced service, meaning there are no permanent overheads, no salaries, superannuation, sick leave or management costs! We are a pay as you go service, meaning our customers can utilise our service as they need to suit their business.

Increased Opportunity

Our customers can tender for more business as there are no productivity limitations and we can provide results within short time schedules, allowing our clients to achieve their deadlines.


Our quote sheet is variable allowing our customers to amend their details and determine the end tender price. Our market and industry knowledge enable us to provide a fast turnaround on projects.

Unique Profile

Every ESG customer has their own unique profile in our system and all our work is strictly private and confidential. All ESG customers’ data is protected.

When it comes to pricing, we use our customers nominated suppliers whenever possible.

Our Team

With over 100 years combined experience across our team, we have completed countless projects giving us the knowledge, experience, and understanding of working with businesses of all sizes. We keep abreast of industry innovations, providing our customers with advice, guidance and cost saving solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today or send your documents through to rfq@estimatingsolutions.com.au for a free no obligation quote for services!