While some are still enjoying an extended break, now is your chance to start the new year off right by planning and preparing for the year ahead!


So get out your pen and paper and check out our top tips for 2020:


  • Identify your potential challenges as a business
    • Conduct a SWOT analysis – what are your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Also assess what went well and what didn’t work well last year for your company.
  • Set your goals
    • What would you like to achieve this year for your business? Write down your goals and put them in a visible place so you’re constantly reminded of what you’re working for!
  • Get organised
    • Clean up your files, delete old emails, clear your desk. Get rid of the clutter and start fresh.
  • Review your marketing strategy
    • Does your website need updating? Brochure looking a little tired? Make a list of what needs to be refreshed and make a plan of how you’re going to get them done.
  • Clean up your database/customer management system
    • Go through your customer database and update your list of contacts, call customers you may not have spoken to in a while, thank returning customers, and work out which customers you would like to prioritise this year. This is a great way to let people know you value them and are back open for business. 
  • Plan your social media posts
    • Does your business use social media? If it does, why not plan a social media strategy or brainstorm post ideas for the next couple of months? This will save you a lot of time in the long run and won’t leave you stuck searching for ideas when you’re short of time.


Whether January is a busy time for your business or not, setting aside a few hours to plan for the year ahead will give you a head start and will leave you feeling prepared and ready to go!